Paving Contractor

in Fairmont, WV

Demco Excavating & Paving Provides Superior Paving Services

When you are searching for a paving contractor in Fairmont, WV, you should choose Demco Excavating & Paving. Our Fairmont, PA, business provided services in and around Fairmont, WV, since opening in 1978. Our paved surfaces are level and ideal for walking or driving over. Driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks are some surfaces that we have paved. When you plan a paving project, you want to ensure that you are getting high-quality paving at a competitive price. Give Demco Excavating & Paving a call for a free estimate.

Call us today at (724) 329-5579 for our paving contractor and a free estimate. You can even send us a message online.

Our Paving Contractor Meets Your Paving Needs in Fairmont, WV

Whether you want us to install or replace your pavement, we get it done. The paving contractor at Demco Excavating & Paving is here to help Fairmont, WV, property owners. We take the time to talk with you, so we can understand exactly what you want done. From there, our team uses the most up-to-date techniques so you know the pavement will last as long as possible.

We Are Experienced in Installing Quality Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Making your business look nice is a priority so you can create a welcoming environment for visitors. Having sidewalks and parking lots that are in good shape speaks volumes about your company. It also helps to keep visitors safe. Our professionals have more than 40 years of experience working with business owners in the Fairmont, WV, area.

Providing Durable and Reliable Driveways for Homeowners

Making sure your home’s driveway is in good condition is important because it impacts the curb appeal of your home. A driveway that is in poor condition can also be a safety hazard. So you should not just leave it alone, and hope for the best. The team at Demco Excavating & Paving is ready to get started on projects for Fairmont, WV, property owners.