Excavating Contractor

in Canonsburg, PA

Demco Excavating & Paving Provides Unmatched Excavating

When you need an excavating contractor in Canonsburg, PA, call the experts at Demco Excavating & Paving. Building a home or business requires a significant amount of preparation at the building site. The early stages of development are much smoother and faster if you choose our excavating contractor. Since 1978, Demco Excavating & Paving has provided full-service excavating and site development in and around Canonsburg, PA. If you are planning to develop a location for commercial or residential purposes, we can help.

Call us today at (724) 329-5579 for an excavating contractor and a free estimate. We even encourage you to send us a message online.

Our Paving Team’s Workmanship is Exceptionally High

Our workmanship is exceptionally high because we have so much experience in the field of excavating and site development. Formal training and decades in this business have taught us a lot about water drainage and soil grades, and erosion. We pour asphalt in a way that helps move water away from buildings to prevent water damage and flooding. We are always on the lookout to prevent problems down the road.

We Stay Focused on Excavating from Start to Finish in Canonsburg, PA

Construction projects must be carefully coordinated with other contractors to stay on schedule. Being reliable is the least we can do for our customers. When you hire Demco Excavating & Paving to do a job, we will be there from start to finish. We never want other contractors to waste time waiting for us to arrive, so they too can do their jobs. Our excavating contractor’s experience and knowledge ensures we stay organized and on track with our projects at all times.

Trust Our Excavating Contractor for Affordable Excavating

Our prices are competitive on the local market while our craftsmanship and material quality remain very high. If you want a full-service excavating contracting company with fair pricing and excellent results, contact us now to get started. We provide free estimates on the cost of the project.