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If you have been searching for a superior excavating contractor in McMurray, PA, there is no need to continue searching. Demco Excavating and Paving of Farmington, PA, has been serving clients in the region since 1978. We handle everything, including commercial excavating, rock removal, trench excavating, paving, site development, and sewer and septic installation. Are you looking to construct a new driveway at your new house? You need our reliable and competent excavating contractor to do the job right.

Call us today at (724) 329-5579 for an excavating contractor and a free estimate. We even encourage you to send us a message online.

Our Excavating Contractor’s Expertise is Unmatched Locally

With over four decades in the excavating business, Demco Excavating and Paving has an unmatched reputation for expertise and excellence. Regardless of the size of your project, our contractors are ready to deliver exceptional results on time. To get the project on track, our contractors will first perform quality site preparation. That site preparation may entail soil testing, zoning restrictions, draft plan designs, and site surveys.

We Focus on Getting the Job Done Correctly for Our Clients

Demco Excavating & Paving has the right equipment, skilled operators, and technical prowess to handle any job safely and professionally. In addition, our contractors are licensed and insured to cover any liabilities in the event of an accident. We focus on getting the job done correctly for all of our residential and commercial clients.

Do Not Hesitate to Call Us for excavating in McMurray, PA

At Demco Excavating & Paving, our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and admirable reputation makes us the best choice. More than anything, our excavating contractor guarantees honest work, fair pricing, and savvy solutions for every job. Do not hesitate to request a quote, so we can get started on your next project.