Excavating Contractor

in Belle Vernon, PA

Demco Excavating & Paving Offers Quality Excavating Services

Demco Excavating & Paving offers clients a quality excavating contractor in Belle Vernon, PA, and beyond. Preparing a construction site for a build takes a lot of work. Part of the work includes excavating for septic and sewer systems, utilities, and driveways. Since 1978, Demco Excavating & Paving has provided top-notch excavating contractor services to customers in and around Fayette County, PA. Our team of detail-oriented construction experts from the Farmington, PA, area provides unmatched excavating services.

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Rely on Demco Excavating & Paving for Site Development

When you are starting a new build, excavating services are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Excavating moves the soil, and grades so it slopes toward drainage ditches or yards instead of into basements and homes. Demco Excavating & Paving often performs excavating and paving on the same project.

Trust Our Superior Excavating Experience in Belle Vernon, PA

We have been in business for more than 40 years. Our excavating contractors have passed our knowledge and advancements down to the next generation of excavation experts. We pool our knowledge and experience, and work together as a team to complete excavating projects. By doing it this way, we get the best results on our projects, and can offer more services.

Our Excavating Contractor Provides Superior Site Development

Developing a site is easier when you can find all of the contractors you need in one excavating company. At Demco Excavating & Paving, we have a full team for complete site development. We have expertise in nearly every area of early site development and excavating.