Excavating Contractor

in Mount Pleasant, PA

Rely on Demco Excavating & Paving for Site Development

Are you searching for an excavating contractor in Mount Pleasant, PA? Demco Excavating & Paving in nearby Farmington, PA, is here for you. If you plan to develop a construction site or repair a drainage issue, you need to hire an excavating contractor. Excavating lays the groundwork for most types of mechanical digging or earth moving. At Demco Excavating & Paving, we have served local residents and businesses since 1978. We are proud to provide the Mount Pleasant, PA area with reliable, high-quality, cost-effective workmanship.

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Our Excavating Contractor Follows the Plan to the Smallest Detail

Mother Nature rarely lays out land features that support an ideal foundation for construction plans. At Demco Excavating & Paving, our excavating contractor is here to help with that. Complete site development and landscape modification requires much more expertise than merely operating machinery. Good excavating contractors precisely follow plans, and identify issues like possible erosion, while respecting the environment and following safety measures. Excavating work is a complex job that can determine the overall outcome and success of a project.

Offering a Wide Variety of Excavation Services in Mount Pleasant, PA

With our decades of experience here at Demco Excavating & Paving, we know the surrounding area well. We are very familiar with the geography and land characteristics. This makes us the ideal choice for any project in the Mount Pleasant, PA area involving dirt work. It does not matter if it is a complex commercial job, or a one-day residential modification.

We Strive to Exceed Your Expectations

Some of the more popular services we offer are installing utility lines and septic systems. We also have quality machinery and equipment so we can provide our clients with up-to-date service. We strive to exceed your expectations both in expert workmanship and customer service.